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Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School, Balmain

Thank you so very very much for all your support and considerate assistance in regards to the Financial Hardship Bursary. It brought tears to my mum and myself, reading that the application was granted. The kindness of your staff at this wonderful school and the faith you have all encouraged on our difficult road has really guided my little family into seeing that good things really can happen after such misfortune. I guess our prayers were answered and this lovely school we are a part of now, has extended gifts of guidance, faith, friendship and a sense of belonging in the community that we truly were never expecting. All of these things really are truly…..a big blessing. Thank you again.

– Parent

St Felix Catholic Primary School, Bankstown

I would like to thank the foundation for giving our child a Financial Hardship Bursary for her education. The bursary will assist our whole family in their Catholic education. It will benefit our child, by allowing her to be in the same educational environment as her elder brothers. Once again thank you to the Catholic Education Foundation for your generosity.

– Parent of Kindergarten student (Single parent family, 6 children)

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School, Regents Park

The Bursary program has enabled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to attend the school and furthermore be fully involved in the life of the school. Parents have clearly expressed their thankfulness for the opportunities the bursary program has provided for their children and have purposefully assisted at school as a consequence of their gratitude.


We are very grateful that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Bursary has provided our daughter with the opportunity to attend a Catholic school. With three girls in Catholic schools it would otherwise be a struggle financially. The teachers meet with us to plan for our daughter’s needs. Our daughter receives assistance with her learning and we have seen great improvement in her reading and writing work. She loves learning with her teacher and loves her school.

Mother of Year 1 student

Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield

We are writing this letter to express our sincere thanks to the Catholic Education Foundation for paying half of the school charges to the Patrician Brothers’ College (PBC) in Fairfield for our son. This has helped us to enable our son to study at the PBC, a Catholic school that we preferred. We will notify you the Catholic Education Foundation if our financial situation improves so that the funds can be reallocated to other school students. Once again, thank you very much.

Parent of Year 7 student

Bethany College, Hurstville

Her parents would be unable to afford a Catholic education if not for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Bursary. She is improving in leaps and bounds as evidenced by her academic growth in literacy and numeracy from Year 5 to Year 7 (NAPLAN). Academic results are only part of the story. She has been elected as one of the six Student Representative Council leaders in Year 8 this year. She confidently and proudly leads ‘Welcome to Country’ at whole school events. She has even joined the College Choir.


Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, Burraneer Cronulla

The Catholic Education Foundation has been a great support to six families of students since its formation three years ago. These children come from families with very little and so a strong Catholic education is viewed as a means to help these girls break through the poverty cycle.

One particular student lives in a single room flat with her mum and has no contact with her dad. Her mother is a shift work cleaner and uses her spare time to help out at OLMC. Without the help of the foundation this student would not have been able to excel in curricular and extracurricular areas including debating and choir. She is also a valued member of the vocal ensemble.


Quotes from school Principals and bursary recipient families

The bursary program has allowed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to access a Catholic education.


The bursary program has allowed these students to contribute to our school community in a very significant way.


We pride our school on our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and the programs we are able to offer for these students. This would not be possible without the support of the Catholic Education Foundation.


The financial support provided has ensured that my son will continue his education in a Catholic school.


I am so very grateful of the financial support; the bursary has helped to reduce a great deal of pressure upon myself and my family.


This bursary allows our son to attend a great college.


This bursary has ensured that my son is able to attend a college that we are very happy with. Without this support he may have moved to our local public school.


Since the implementation of the foundation, I have had parents burst into tears in my office when they have come to share the good news of receiving a Financial Hardship Bursary.


Single parents who received a Financial Hardship Bursary have said that it changed their life and that they could now send their child to a Catholic secondary school.


We have heartfelt gratitude for the support we have been given. Our family can now go to school where we come to church.


We are so happy to be able to come to school with our cousins.

Primary school students

The bursary enabled us as parents to educate our child in a Catholic environment. The experiences my daughter receives by being a member of the Mount St Joseph community cannot be measured.


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