School Fee Support Program

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) is a proud initiative of Sydney Catholic Schools, providing eligible* families with school fee support, to attend one of our 150 primary or secondary schools in the Sydney Archdiocese. *based on criteria

How is school fee support provided?

School fee support is provided via our bursary program. A bursary from the Catholic Education Foundation can cover some or all of the cost of school fees and other charges, with the family paying a co-contribution, once a criteria assessment has been completed.

School fee support may be offered to students:

  • from families living in government housing
  • from families who are Centrelink dependent
  • from low-income families
  • from single-parent families
  • who are in foster care

What do I need to do to apply for school fee support?

You will need to request an application form from the Sydney Catholic school you wish for your child/ren to attend. Once you complete an application form and provide supporting documentation for your assessment, you will then need to return this application form to the principal of the Sydney Catholic school you obtained it from.

Want to know more?:

Visit . To apply speak with your school principal or call 9568 8158.

Please note, the Catholic Education Foundation Bursary Program is open to students enrolled in the Catholic school system in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Students attending independent private or congregational Catholic schools in Sydney are ineligible to apply for a Catholic Education Foundation Bursary, however we encourage you to contact your school directly.