The Catholic Education Foundation Bursary Program commenced in 2013 for students enrolled in Kindergarten and Year 7.

In 2016, the Financial Hardship Bursary became available to all students enrolled in Kindergarten through to Year 12 and is awarded for a period of three (3) years.

Financial 100% bursary recipients receive a 100% discount on tuition fees and 100% discount on the Parish/Building Levy. The Foundation covers 50% of school charges, families are asked to contribute the other 50% up to a maximum of $400 in Primary and $800 in Secondary.

The Foundation also awards a Financial 75% bursary, where 75% of tuition fees and 75% of the Parish/Building Levy are waived, with the school charges the same as the 100% bursary.

Compulsory school activities and charges are covered by the bursary and may include swimming, excursions, incursions, ICT levy and P&F charges. It is possible that particular schools will have other incidental optional charges that will not be covered by the bursary and which may be invoiced, such as camps, representative sports, World Youth Day. Parents should be made aware of such costs at the time of enrolment.

To apply, families are required to fill in the Application for a Financial Hardship Bursary form and provide all necessary supporting documentation.

For more information on the Financial Hardship Bursary, please refer to the information documents on this website.

Schools are to send applications with the Principal cover letter attached. Please ensure the student’s name is typed in the subject field of the email and attach all necessary supporting documents. Please allow one email per student application.

Please send emailed bursary applications to your school regional Bursary Coordinator:

  • Eastern Region:
  • Inner Western Region:
  • Southern Region:

Postal Applications
Stop! If you are unsure of how to scan documents to email to the Foundation office please contact Fiona Blajic, Bursary Team Leader on 9568 8612 who will assist you.

Due to the confidential nature of information required, it is compulsory for bursary applications to be emailed to the Foundation with all supporting documentation included. This is to avoid sensitive information potentially going missing in the mail. The Foundation office also uses emailed applications as a tracking tool to process enquiries.

Please note, bursary applications sent to the Foundation office by post will not be accepted and will be returned to the school.