In 2014, the Catholic Education Foundation extended the bursary program to include the Refugee Bursary, available for students from refugee backgrounds. The Refugee Bursary program is designed to make a difference to the lives of refugee families who have been living in our community less than three years and who require additional support to establish their lives here in Australia.

If there is a refugee family in the school who has been settled in Australia for less than three (3) years, they are invited to apply for the Refugee Bursary. The bursary is available to students in any year level and is awarded for a period of three (3) years.

An application for a Refugee Bursary should be issued by the school where the parent currently holds one of the following humanitarian visas:

  • 050* Temporary General Visa
  • 051 Temporary Protection Visa
  • 200 Refugee Visa
  • 201 In Country Special Humanitarian Visa
  • 202 Special Humanitarian Visa
  • 203 Emergency Rescue Visa
  • 204 Women at Risk Visa
  • 866 Protection Visa

*If the student is currently on a 050 visa then the family must provide written evidence from the Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Border Protection of their lodgement for either the 200 Refugee or 866 Protection humanitarian visas.

To apply, families are required to fill in the Application for a Refugee Bursary form and provide all necessary supporting documentation.

Schools are to send applications with the Principal cover letter attached, to your school regional Bursary Coordinator:

Postal Applications

Stop! If you are unsure of how to scan documents to email to the Foundation office please contact Fiona Blajic, Bursary Team Leader on 9568 8612 who will assist you.

Due to the confidential nature of information required, it is compulsory for bursary applications to be emailed to the Foundation with all supporting documentation included. This is to avoid sensitive information potentially going missing in the mail. The Foundation office also uses emailed applications as a tracking tool to process enquiries.

Please note, bursary applications sent to the Foundation office by post will not be accepted and will be returned to the school.