Donations received from individuals and organisations greatly contribute to the work of the Catholic Education Foundation and the sustainability of the Bursary Program.

The Catholic Education Foundation is deeply appreciative to all of our valued donors for their commitment to support the foundation to achieve its mission, ‘to raise sufficient funds to sustain the bursary program to support families in accessing an education for their children in a Sydney Catholic school.’

Since the establishment of the Catholic Education Foundation we have been fortunate to receive donor support from individuals and organisations. The Catholic Education Foundation acknowledges the valued contribution of these generous organisations by name in the list below.

Furthermore, the Catholic Education Foundation would like to acknowledge the valuable support of individual donors who have so generously given to our cause. To protect their privacy and anonymity we have not included the names of individual donors in the below list.

On behalf of the Catholic Education Foundation and all of the families it supports we extend our sincere gratitude to each of our donors, individuals and organisations for their spirit of generosity, Thank you so very much.

2020 Donors

  •  Anastasia Lewis
  •  Agema Constructions Pty Ltd
  •  ATM Cleaning Management
  •  Australian Modular Buildings Pty Ltd
  •  B-MAC Constructions
  •  Christian Brothers Muloga ELIM Program
  •  Dolores Langdon
  •  FAL Construction Pty Ltd
  •  Gabrielle McAnespie
  •  Prof. Mike O’Connor AM
  •  Robert Sly – Munns Sly Moore Architects
  •  Saouma’s School Uniform and Fashion Wear
  •  The Fussell Family Foundation

Give an exquisite gift, the gift of education.